• Public Treasury

Public Treasury TMS/X

CMA’s Public Treasury solution TMS/X (Transaction Management System) maintains an up-to-date picture of payments, revenues and cash requirements of the organization. TMS/X supports cash management and settlement activities of Public Treasury in their interrelation with budgetary and commitment control.

TMS/X manages interaction between internal systems of Ministry of Finance (MOF) and external settlement systems – RTGS, ACH, SWIFT. It also provides the routing of payment information other government agencies like tax authorities, customs, etc.

TMS/X works in interaction with internal other systems such as GL, Budgeting system, Procurement system, etc. Seamless STP between the systems is supported by advanced built-in integration features.

The system consists of several functional modules:

  • Settlements
  • Budgetary Control
  • Cash flow management


System provides the complete support for collection, manual input, validation, priority and status management of payment transactions of all types: transfers, remittances, direct debits, cheques.

Batches and messages are automatically formed and routed to the target settlement systems: ACH, RTGS, SWIFT. The adapters for seamless integration with the settlement systems of CMA (RTS/X and ACH/X) are supplied with TMS/X.

Rejects & Exceptions are automatically tracked through the Liquidity management dashboard and could be investigated by the treasurer in real-time upon receipt.

TMS /X guarantees real-time reconciliation with the Central Bank settlement systems, providing real-time analysis of balances available and reporting.

System provides powerful search engine for online data retrieval on batches and transaction details, purpose of payments, rejects, etc.

The product supports international SWIFT formats of MT and MX (ISO 20022) standards as well as the message exchange in local countrywide formats. PKI infrastructure could be used to guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of the payment instructions.

TMS/X can be optionally integrated with CMA’s Check Clearing module to provide image processing according to ANSI X9.100-180-2006 format.

Budgetary and Commitment Control

System aggregates payable/receivable account transactions according to budget items enforcing budget ceiling to ensure balanced budgets.

The system tracks all categories of invoices and payments, including: procurement invoices; utility and other non-procurement invoices; payroll payments; public debt invoices/bills; advance payment; payment of refunds; transfers to other levels of Government; and all other payments.

TMS/X supports revenues and receipts (Accounts Receivable) management from all sources, including: Tax Revenues, Non-Tax Revenues, Other Receipts, etc.

Disseminating from aggregated budgets down to detailed transaction level is available.

Cash Flow Management

TMS/X monitors actual cash flow between MOF and its counterparties based on the real-time settlement information on current bank balances, due revenue receipts, due invoice payments, information on public debt scheduled payments, other scheduled payments.

Liquidity management dashboard facilitates monitoring and investigation of exceptions and rejects arising during settlement process.

Disseminating from aggregated cash flows down to detailed transaction level is available.

TMS/X Technologies

TMS/X is a modern solution developed and based on the Java Enterprise Edition platform and service-oriented architecture (SOA), which guaranties high scalability, performance and reliability for mission-critical tasks.

High level of STP is based on automated processing of all requests and uniform data presentation based on XML and SWIFT standards.

Powerful monitoring of business, application and system behaviour is available to TMS/X administrators providing full picture of system behaviour, user activities, bottlenecks, etc. Component-based architecture allows monitoring and audit the behaviour of separate modules, components and the entire system.

Reporting Engine

Along with the system we provide a powerful reporting engine which can be used by Client’s employees without CMA involvement.

The system provides the possibility to generate reports in either online or a background process with the frequency parameterized in a scheduler. The scheduler allows specification of report destination (in a file/directory, on an e-mail of particular users et cetera).